so this is going to take some time to get over.

i can’t believe they would do this is Quinn. Quinn! she’s done nothing wrong! i guess we should have seen this coming. she got into Yale, and she’s back on the Cheerios, and so of course something bad needs to happen. but i just, i just can’t…


Oh my god. Quinn was in a car accident and there is no new episode until APRIL! Kill me now. 


i got myself super hyped up to watch glee because last week my livestreaming worked FINE and now every fucking link says Service Unavailable. it’s the michael jackson episode and everything. now i have to wait until tomorrow. why don’t i have cable?


survey time!

Quiz TV shows

Pick your top 5 shows at the moment, and answer the following questions. Don’t cheat.

1. The Big Bang Theory
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. One Tree Hill
4. Glee

5. Once Upon A Time

1. Who is your favorite character in 2?

Marshall with a little Barney on the side

2. Who is your least favorite character in 1?

Tough. I’m gonna go with Bernadette, she hasn’t done anything to make me laugh my ass off yet.

3. What’s your favorite episode of 4?

Too many favourites. I’ll go by songs - The one with “Thriller/Heads Will Roll”

4. What is your favorite season of 5?

There’s only one!

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3?

Forever Brooke and Julien.

6. Who is your anti relationship in 2?

Robin and Ted. I don’t know, I guess because I knew they weren’t going to end up together, I kind of just wanted it to be over.

7. How long have you watched 1? 

Since I was introduced to it last year. Then I watched the three seasons that were out over and over again.

8. How did you become interested in 3? 

Hmm. I don’t know what started it. I was watching The O.C. at the time and they are both on the CW, so the commercial probably got me into it. My best friend and I love it though, always and forever.

9. Who is your favorite actor in 2? 

Neil Patrick Harris. Yes.

10. Which show do you prefer 1, 2, or 5?  

Eep! I’ll go with 1 because I will never get sick of Sheldon. 

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of? 1 or 3? 

3, because it’s been on longer. But I’ve seen every episode of both.

12. If you could be anyone from 4 who would you be?


13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1?

If we killed Sheldon there would be no point in living. It would have to be ironic if it happened though, like they fix the elevator and it blows up with him in it.

14. Would a 3/4 crossover work?

Not at all

15. Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple:

Penny and Sheldon. Don’t ask.

16. Over all, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5?

I will forever and always pick One Tree Hill.

17. Which show has a better soundtrack, 1, 4 or 5?

4!! Glee kicks all other show’s butts!

disney + glee = love love love

i might just die when i watch this episode.

officially my favourite episode of glee!!